Organic Beard & Mustache Conditioning Oil

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We made sure that all of the ingredients that were used to make this product were natural and 100% organic. Your beard and mustache is something we care about, after-all, we too have beards and want to make sure that your beard gets the best care.

Key features

Jojoba oil is a natural wax made up of natural esters that is used in many hair and conditioner products. It moisturizes extremely well without it being greasy. We have added Babassu oil from the rich Amazonian forest, which leaves the hair smooth and shiny without making it oily. Grape-seed allows for the beard to be strengthened and acts as a natural hair softener (Women often complain that their significant others beard is prickly and hard, grape-seed oil will solve that problem).

Along with the ingredients mentioned above, organic lime, organic cedar, rosemary, organic lavender, and our personal favorite organic Indian Sandalwood have been added to create the fresh manly aroma that you and your love one will enjoy. Treat your beard like how a lion treats it mane! Smooth, wavy and Majestic!

For those who haven’t started growing their beards yet and wish to join the bearded club, try our beard conditioner oil and don’t worry about that itch that seems to bother you. Our beard oil moisturizes the surface of your skin so itching will no longer be a problem.

Eye contact: Avoid direct contact with the eyes. In case of contact with eye, rinse with an eye water solution.
Skin: Non-Toxic- some people may have allergies to natural components, check ingredients to make sure.
Keep away from air, sources of heat and direct sunlight.

Mike S.
July 22, 2013

My wife loves the fact that my beard shines throughout the day and she loves the fragrance that this oil gives off. She loves to cuddle with me now lol.

July 20, 2013

I expected this oil to be very good from my other experiences shopping at Avicenna Oils. How wrong was I...this product was EXCELLENT. The gloss, the feel and the smell are unbelievable.

S Ali.
July 18, 2013

Incredible product! It did for my beard what my beard did for my face :)