1. What if I have sensitive skin?

    Although our perfume oils are safe to use and most of our customers use them generously, those with extremely sensitive skin can apply a small amount first and discontinue use if there is any discomfort.

  2. When is the best time to put on perfume oil?

    As far as we're concerned it's always a best time to wear perfume oil, however, we have a few tips to maximize the aroma and experience. We feel the optimum time to apply perfume oils is when you come out of the shower as your body is warmer and pores are opened up. You can generously apply the oil to where your pulse is at on your wrists and neck or under arms and back of your ears, better known as the "hot spots".

    The perfume oil will blend with your skin and not evaporate as there is no alcohol or water inside. Premium perfume oils are body heat activated and as your body slowly heats up, those around you will be able to smell the freshness that you feel.

    Enthusiasts who love perfume oils are aware of Avicenna Oils Egyptian Musk. This thicker, yet subtle scent may mislead you upon first application as people say it doesn't smell too strong, but give it some time to chemically balance itself with your skin and this fragrance may become your secret addiction.

  3. Why does the same perfume oil smell a bit different on my friend?

    The base and notes of the perfume oil are the same. Sometimes the fragrance can smell a bit different depending on the other person's diet and how the oil mixes with their skin.

  4. Is there any way my clothes can get stained by using your product?

    Our oils are not diluted with alcohol or water so there is a small chance of staining clothing if applied directly. Perfume oils are meant to be applied to the skin and if you wish to put on clothing make sure the oil is rubbed out well before you do so.

  5. Why is there a noticeable superiority in Avicenna Oils' products over others?

    Whereas other standard or run-of-the-mill oil distributors focus on mass production, our focus is on quality. We don't work by the ton, we work ounce by ounce, pound by pound, to ensure all of our products are of the highest quality. We test each batch before bottling to eliminate inconsistencies.